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Local television markets are important, highway 285 and the highway 24 corridor

Park County residents are required to view Denver broadcasted television and news which ignores the south portion of Park County it provides no useful weather or news reports.

The FCC granted the decision-making power to decide television markets to a private company Nielson Media Research. They make market decisions based on television viewing markets and advertising, not the need for people to have access to emergency information from the nearest news broadcasting city. This impacts the safety of citizens and eliminates access to the nearest local news channels.

I believe it is important the residents choose which local news to receive if there are options within a 100-200 miles radius. Travel times, frequent travel to the major market and the best reporting that serves the viewers is most important.  The highway 285 corridor should have access to Denver channels and the highway 24 corridor should have access to Colorado Springs channels. It is a matter of our safety and being connected to the largest metropolitan area near us.  

I tried to get this changed as a private citizen. I look forward to fighting the fight as your commissioner, district 1.


Amy Mitchell for Commisioner
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